Editorial Team:


Conner Brown
Joint General Editor
(Issue 1-Present)

I am a teacher of English based in Oxfordshire. I co-founded Inkapture whilst attending creative writing classes at the University of Durham. I write short stories and poetry and aspire to combine my love for teaching with writing as a published author in the future. Continually, I find myself inspired by the submissions we receive and am committed to maintaining a supportive relationship with everyone that submits to us.

Lily Peters
Joint General Editor
(Issue 2- Present)

I am a Modern Foreign Languages teacher in the North East of England. I believe strongly that words can empower, and that nothing beats a good story.

Emma Dawson
Editor and Administrator
(Issue 10- Present)
A graduate at Durham University, I love writing prose and plays but I think I love editing almost as much. My favourite genre is dark humour, so it is unsurprising that Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ is the book I most wish I had written. It is great to read Inkapture submissions that make me laugh.


Edris Nikjooy
( Issue 11- Present)

I’m from Sheffield but now live in Durham where I’m studying for a combined degree in English Literature, French and Politics. What binds my interest in all of these subjects is a passion for how ideas are creatively conveyed through stories. I have always loved reading and especially poetry for how it encapsulates powerful messages through delicate and intricate techniques. I am extremely excited to work with Inkapture.


Soondus Aslam

(Issue 12-Present)

My origins are from the historic and ancient city of Lahore. After a long and eventful journey I have now settled in Durham. I am a GP by profession and a writer by heart. I devote my time to practice of medicine, teaching and reading. People and their life stories are the greatest source of inspiration for me.

danielDaniel Cain-Reed
(Issue 12-Present)

I was born in York and raised in Beirut but I am now in my second year studying English Literature at Durham University. Having completed Fadia Faqir’s creative writing course this year, I am interested in how different narrative techniques portray ideas about human interaction and relationships; I like to pay particular focus to non-fiction prose. By co-editing this magazine I hope to be able to nurture and encourage new writers to share their gifts.

Shireen Khattak
Support Editor
(Issue 10)

I work in Newcastle, having started my career in London as an accountant. I have always loved creative writing and, in particular, the magical effect of the spoken word. From story-telling to theatre, audiobooks to openmics, even public debate – they all hold a fascination for me and a real creative power. When I’m not working in finance, I enjoy writing plays, poetry and children’s fiction. And I look forward to reading your submissions and wish you all the best with your writing ambitions.



Drawing on her experience as a successful author and her knowledge of the literary world, our consultant contributes to the selection process of the literature we publish by reviewing short-listed submissions to ensure that the chosen writing is of the highest quality.

Fadia Faqir
Fadia Faqir is the author of four novels: NisanitPillars of Salt, My Name is Salma (U.S.A. title The Cry of the Dove) and Willows Don’t Weep. Her work was published in nineteen countries and translated into fifteen languages. In 1989, the University of East Anglia awarded her the first Ph.D. in Critical and Creative Writing. She currently holds a writing fellowship at St Aidan’s College, Durham University, where she teaches creative writing.  She often writes on issues of gender, identity, and culture.

Special Thanks!

We would like to thank all those who help us realise the vision of our e-magazine for all the submissions and all the support we have received.

Special thanks go to:

Emma Dawson for the cover photo

and of course to all the authors whose work enables us to create Inkapture.