Good for your Age by Anna Byrne

I should drink less, eat more fruit, drink white wine spritzers and only white wine spritzers and only at the weekends, eat fish and not the battered type. I should enrol in an evening class, learn about early Russian literature or South American politics. I should cycle more, I should run, I should buy a sports bra so I don’t get breast cancer when I do decide to run. I should own a pair of shorts. I should know what the inside of a gym looks like. I should be able to wear... Read More

The Lighter Side of Obesity by Douglas Fulthorpe

Apart from the fiction, every incident here is true. I defy anyone not to shed a tear… HG Wells, in his superbly written short story, The Truth About Pyecraft, was an early exponent of the humour in obesity.  “Poor old Pyecraft! Great, uneasy jelly of substance. The fattest clubman in London… A great rolling front of chins and substance.”  The abuse continues. Pyecraft does not walk, he wallows; he does not eat, he gormandises. Formalyn, the narrator, worries in case... Read More

Ang by Emma Dawson

In my halls the weekends were always couple themed. Of course, there was no sound insulation so when your friends received, let’s call them ‘charming visitors’, yes, received ‘charming visitors’ into their private rooms, you were in no doubt as to what was going on, whatever was going on. Some were savvy and argued as if a remote had turned their voice levels down, while others were apparently stunningly unaware that their shrillness could be clearly interpreted four... Read More

Jimmy’s Brilliant Idea by CJ Baird

Jimmy Butt’s ladder was the last straw. Jimmy Butt used to come to No. 42, the museum warehouse, whenever anything needed doing and he came that day to do some wiring. Jimmy knew to remove anything detachable from his van before coming into No. 42 due to propensity things had for disappearing when they were left outside. This part of town was the territory of a gang of thieves everyone called ‘The Poachers’ – and Jimmy Butt knew it. Number 42 was a museum... Read More

Good Girl by Ariella Carmell

  I.   I see you walking & try to imitate your pace,   the jolt of being taken aback   by city shrieks. You shuffle as though the yawning curb   wants to close its mouth around you.   II.   How can you breathe, clenched into a leash   coiled around your breast a dozen times over?   A thread lifts itself from the top of your skull,   woven to be unseen, tugging you upright   if you even dare to think of him.   III.   I... Read More

Song Mid-Sung by Grant Tarbard

Inspired by ‘Woman with a Guitar’ by George Braque He paints this woman with a muddy brush, a grimace of music over the rucked morning papers. There is a sense of this is where roses go to wither in that half-closed eye and song mid-sung. Her scant hair is enlivened by clouds, her neck is a ruff that keeps a scroll of the melodies of the flesh which her translucent right hand strums. Her left hand gently caresses the neck of the guitar, needling all its soft spots amongst... Read More