Sodium (Sophie Andrews)

Memories are salt But to me, they’re vivid constellations. And you, are in my veins, filling them with smouldering meteors So what am I to do If my brain is sodium behind a smokescreen And my fingertips are numb from the universe, I am burning down to ash, because of you. Are memories just salt? Or are they salt in a wound too?   Sophie Andrews is an 18 year old senior student from Ontario, Canada. Her poems represent some of her work from her Writer’s Craft course.   Read More

Existence (Sophie Andrews)

Every human is held captive by his personality. It identifies how the gears turn and the atoms react. Personalities are unique. There are the aggressively visible clear-cut by diamonds and lit up by stars. But rarest gems and most interesting are those without precision or clarity. Those are the buildup of millions of galaxies’ dust, as complex as their creation, as addictive as the deadliest drug. It is fruitless to analyse and interrogate those They repel the brash and the... Read More

Westminster Bridge (Reese Foley)

The dank river pulses under street lamp orbs, glowing in the simple light. An arm reaches out to nowhere, finger-tips the sea. It’s an uneasy home for the fog drenched birds; for the twinkling night amblers that stroll on the aching curve of evening as the blue grey horizon flickers like an unvoiced prayer. And there, by Parliament, is a collar turned up against Scotch mist, dancing like dust in orange shafts above; chiaroscuro halos made of rain. The stone is as old as faces,... Read More

Never Give Up (Dr. Vidyan Ravinthiran)

In the cinema everything changes at the hour mark and there is music and the feeling of your hand in mine; a safe, sweating space.   Also a voice – this is crucial – the violins aid saying never give up.   Outside, the usual disappointment, a shapelessness.   It’s easy to mock   but even books must find a music in this noise we walk home through.   Vidyan Ravinthiran’s first book of verse, Grun-tu-molani, was shortlisted for the Forward Prize... Read More

If The Shoe Fits (Denny Brown)

Monday 9th Your supermarket trolley contains two bottles of water, two loaves of bread – one white, one brown – red and green apples, sanitary towels, deodorant – buy one get one free – and very little else. Your mind isn’t on it. You meant to do this the day before but somehow it just didn’t happen.             And then you notice him. It’s the lips that you notice first: pink, defined, as if drawn on with a sharp lip pencil. He doesn’t smile;... Read More