Inkapture Issue 5, June 2012 – Editor’s Foreword

Welcome to Inkapture Issue 5, June 2012! Welcome to the summer edition of Inkapture! We are now into our second year and much has changed, from new editors to new ideas. Expect many developments for Inkapture over the next year! We hope that you enjoy our summer issue, which is comprised of a selection of poetry and short stories from writers across the world. This issue spellbinds us with its rich, eloquent, and fresh writing. It demonstrates the power the writer has to create... Read More

The Middle Man by Natascia Sakamoto

Tom started stealing dog food on the same day that he saw a man laid out in the road, legs made of marshmallow, people stepping over him, but no sound of sirens. He’d decided he needed to do something, and dog food seemed to be a good place to start. Everyone needed money to buy things, important things like food and clothes and a flat. So he figured if he stole food straight from the shops, he’d be cutting out “the Middle Man.” That pleased him. When he was little, he... Read More

I Vomited the Sea Today by Mamta Madhaven

i the sea was strange today. shaped beautifully whelks, crab shells, skate egg cases, barnacles on driftwood and frosted red glass were washed ashore. ii foam and froth rustled in the sea breeze. our blue calico table cloth was shadowed with straw basket – sand strawberries, beach plums and sea figs sat uncomfortably, jostling against each other. iii sea water filled the cove- purple, blue, green water played through my surfing fingers washing away the last particle of clinging... Read More

Wedlock by Emma Adams

It was at a party held by Sir Lucian Kingsley that Carlton Taylor met his future wife. The last rays of sunlight were just beginning to fade and in the grey half-light Sir Lucian’s manor seemed to shine with a sense of its own self-importance – rather like Sir Lucian himself. As Carlton joined the knot of well-dressed people congregating on the stone steps leading up to the manor, their host appeared to greet them, his resplendent white suit in stark contrast to the regulation... Read More

Knitted Together by P.A. Levy

cast on: when we first met i spun a yarn although i never said i had a flash car parked outside certain no one could ever imagine a battered ford escort as such and i never pretended that i was a brain surgeon after all it’s unlikely a brain surgeon would be in a scraggy leather jacket and ripped jeans even one that worked for the N-H-S i told you i was an eccentric millionaire having a day off click click well you told me you was a fairy princess i was so stoned i believed... Read More

Join and Die by L.S. Bassen

Betty White waved from the open carriage on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Virginia, to tourists who could not hear what she was saying, on this bright October Saturday afternoon, to the official seated beside her. At 88, Betty White had been adopted as the nation’s Rorschach Test, the dotty great grandmother who expressed repressed projections. In the crowd, surprised by the unexplained appearance of Betty White, were two couples in their sixties. The husbands knew... Read More