Inkapture Issue 4, March 2012 – Editor’s Foreword

Welcome to Inkapture Issue 4, March 2012! Welcome to the fourth edition of Inkapture. We hope that you enjoy the literature in this issue which, as always, was selected on account of its originality and quality. The three poems that we have included are eloquent and humorous in their observation of human thought and behavior, while the three short stories transfixed us from the outset with their astute exposition of love and loss in the modern world.   It is with great pleasure... Read More

Six Foot Tear by Lily Peters

It is never quiet in my head. Music. Always some sort of tune. I enjoy it. Its company while I work and I walk my pace to its rhythm. When I am stressed or panicked, it speeds up and thumps. Suddenly a trance track can match my heartbeat or is it my heartbeat matching the track and then the only way for me to calm down is to find something tranquil to do… Mum switched it off last night. There hasn’t been music in my head for a good nine hours now. I have been counting.... Read More

Ode to a Factory Toilet Monopoliser by Douglas Fulthorpe

’Lone ponderth he in sunless clime, Full heedless of the flight of time. No ken of clash of steel on steel, Nor threshing cog, nor whirring wheel. None save him there, in dark retreat, Where poiseth he as glued to seat. Yet without, in choleric hue Await his peers in restive queue. Corky   Douglas Fulthorpe was born near Tynemouth and was a mechanical engineer. He writes science fiction, plays and short stories.  Read More

Rooftops by Richard Hardwick

  Two weeks before me sixteenth birthday I went flying over the handlebars, smashed into the windscreen of this car coming round the corner. It wasn’t a decent car either. It was an old banger, full of rust and that. But I told the lads it was an Audi TT. I was going round the shops to get some tabs for me Mam. She let us have one if I went for her. I didn’t smash through the windscreen. I bounced off it. Smacked onto the bonnet. Landed on me back on the pavement. Got... Read More

Chess by Nicholas Rooney

We move inches at a time; I want to move metres. To tell the truth I’m not even sure if You’re moving at all.   I want to end This waiting game, But I’ve been here before; You’ve got to circle, Measure each other up.   But I’m sick of waiting, Sick of inches, The chess pieces Edging round the board; So here we go, My king’s open –   Your move…     Nicholas Rooney is a first year history undergraduate at Durham University and has been... Read More

Primacy by Samantha Stephens

As Nathan sat fixated on the computer screen, an unfamiliar feeling of excitement began to build inside him. On screen, an obese American teenager kicked his feet, anxiously avoiding the paint gun pellets firing at him by his hidden friends. The cold buckle of Nathan’s belt pressed into his gut as he tried his best to laugh. He held his breath, waiting for that climactic moment when he could hold it no longer, where an uncontrollable mass of spittle and hot air would spray out... Read More