Inkapture Issue 3, December 2011 – Editor’s Foreword

Welcome to Inkapture Issue 3, December 2011! It is with great pleasure that we introduce the winter issue of Inkapture, bursting with distinctive voices created by writers from across the globe. We truly believe in the pieces we have selected and hope that in what we have chosen to display, there will be something for everyone. We have included two poems, one piece of fiction and, exclusive to this issue, our first piece of non-fiction, by our Guest Writer, Aamer Hussein. We... Read More

Back in Karachi by Aamer Hussein

1.   THE FIRST Karachi Literary Festival was held in March 2010, at the spring solstice (which coincides with the Persian New Year). I was pleased to be invited to an occasion where I’d be reunited with old friends – Fahmida Riaz, Asif Farrukhi, Mohsin Hamid, Bina Shah – and would also be meeting the new generation of writers – H.M. Naqvi, Musharraf Farooqi, and others whose work I was yet to read. What I found most exciting was that the programme promised... Read More

What Day Is It? by Conner Brown

I fancy a nice cup of tea. I’ve never had a cup of tea all morning. I’m desperate for a cup of tea, honest. I really am. Well, have I finished school yet? Am I going to school today? Nobody’s even told me. Did my mother wash my new, white blouse and my navy skirt? Anyhow, what happened to them sums I did last night before I had my fish and chips? I wonder who’s took them. Typical! Everything goes missing in this house. Well for goodness sake, I’ve…Looked…Everywhere..!... Read More

This Town by Alexander Taylor

This town serves to bore the young prop up the old unless accidents occur on unfriendly terrain. The booming life it once held now centres on the Saturday spree milling among charity shops, the co-op and all the antiquities stubbornly still existing The greenery excels casting an eye on the view concrete crops up between the ponds of leaves dome-like, a carpet of hills that at night burn with amber eyes The holly bush and its berries signal snow, dread and desire for the white... Read More

I’m In Love With The Girl On The Bombay Call Centre Reception Desk by Tony Kinsella

Thank you for calling Your heart is very important to me And will be broken shortly. You are in a queue. Your queue position is ‘Futile.’ Please note That your emotions may be monitored For sadistic purposes.   Press one for ‘Lonely.’ Press two for ‘In your dreams’ Followed by hash Or any other drug of your choice.   Please enter Your pathetic bedsit And key in Your expiry date.   If you make a mistake Press ‘on with your life’ Regardless.   If... Read More