Commotion by Alexander Taylor

I may grasp a glimpse of you, only a figure featureless, as I hold the door open with the tips of my fingers. Under the scaffolding, a weaving line of dawdlers, overtakers, brakers causing coffee-spill makers stream by, sometimes catching your eye in a suspended moment, then they’re gone. Skeletal trees skinned of their leaves whose last limp lives are trodden sodden. The wind has brought its bitter winter breeze, I wish I had brought gloves, or was elsewhere. The wearing buzz... Read More

Nihil, my love by Purbani Das

He did not move. This was unusual. Wonder 50 was the most restless of all the cats I ever had. I had 75 till I owned this vermin, or maybe… 175, I don’t remember. Wonder was unique! He was THE man out there! The rock star. He even played my guitar. Yes! He did! I think there has been some confusion here. Wonder 50 or 60 or 70, I cannot be sure is not a ‘he’, he is a she. That is to say that Wonderful is a female dog and yes, you may also call her a bitch if... Read More

Grandmother by Hannah Shaddock

She stood at the end of the pier, the collar of her coat flapping in the wind. She crossed her arms over her body, a hand on each shoulder, pressed her chin into the wool of her scarf. She wished for the gloves her aunt had given her, a soft camel-coloured suede – but they were too nice for a day like today. She had worn them when he had taken her out; remembered slipping them off at the pictures, tugging on one finger on one hand and then the other, holding them and feeling... Read More

St. Anton by David Spencer

As the birds sing and twitter their sweet tune in time, And the wind quivers the curtains in a soft kind of way, I watch the slow sun set in sweet harmony sublime, While the lip-thin branches tremble and sway. And I am now reminded of the swift-fleeting snow, Set lightly on the crag-hooked mountain above, While we drink and dance to music below, With no hope of feelings, affection or love.  Read More

Inkapture Issue 1, June 2011 – Editor’s Foreword

Welcome to Inkapture Issue 1, June 2011! We are proud to unveil the first issue of Inkapture, a new literary e-magazine that hopes to unite readers and writers from all over the world. We are enthusiastic about the eight pieces we selected for this first issue, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did choosing these stories and poems. We were delighted with the plethora of superb writing that arrived in our inbox – so much so that omitting some pieces in favour of others... Read More

Rosary Sonata: Christ With the Cross (Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber) by Debasish Lahiri

Softly Time melted inside the sunset Like a worm In the apple. I threw my pince-nez At a staring dog, Blinded by the crooked knee Of the sun: A dog That foamed liquid yellow teeth Like old poetry As I took the sun On the dirty palm Of my eye Like a coin Without currency. I would walk, Were not the clouds Breathing Proximity on my dry face, Or infinite walls of blood Closing my air-hatch With the smell of salt. I would walk But, That blazing illusion Of journey’s end Would not... Read More