INK17 picWelcome to Inkapture

Issue  17, April 2016

A warm welcome to the Spring edition of Inkapture. Although the days are lengthening and evenings are brighter in UK, we bring a dark and brooding selection for our readers. This issue is truly a poetry extravaganza as we have an unusually large offering of poems. First is Jenny Danes’ Crackers, a poem which relates a family pulling Christmas crackers, a joyous occasion that becomes distressing once the speaker realises that her grandparents are too old to be able to cope with this boisterous fun.

Secondly, we have Pretzels by James Nicola, an intensely active poem, which also succeeds in packing in mouth-watering imagery and a sharp sting in its tail.

Finally, we present a trio of poems by Meggie Royer, and I recall that all good literary things should come in threes. In I Do, a woman lets go of her long marriage in a most uncommon way. Sail is a traumatic poem, in which the speaker remembers witnessing whales being butchered while working in a whaling yard, triggering a second memory of their own tragedy. In Twinning, Royer’s powerful poem begins with a boy angrily removing his earring before this simple image is complicated and layered in a multitude of ways.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

We would like to thank all of you who submitted work to this issue, and offer a huge congratulations to those who have been included! 

We are open for submissions.

Send us your writing for the chance to be published in the Summer Issue. Good luck!